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Instantly check an individual name, company, or country to see if it has been sanctioned or banned by the U.S. Government.

Lyons OFAC Solution:

  • Lyons patriotAgent™ Online OFAC tool: Comprehensive, web-based, OFAC compliance solution. Also offered in a light version called "OFAC Solution".

    Customize Your OFAC Compliance Program

    A few of the watch lists you can search against include:
    • OFAC Blocked Persons/Countries Lists
    • Bank of England Consolidated List
    • BIS (Bureau of Industry and Security) List
    • Consolidated List - Australia
    • Consolidated List - Canada
    • DTC Debarred Parties
    • European Union Consolidated List
    • FBI Hijack Suspects
    • FBI Most Wanted
    • FBI Most Wanted Terrorists
    • FBI Seeking Information
    • FBI Top Ten Most Wanted
    • Hong Kong Monetary Authority List
    • Interpol Most Wanted
    • Monetary Authority of Singapore List
    • Nonproliferation Sanctions, U.S. Department of State, ISN
    • OFAC Blocked Persons/Countries Lists
    • OFAC Sanctions
    • PEP (Politically Exposed Persons) List
    • Primary Money Laundering Concern
    • Primary Money Laundering Concern - Jurisdictions
    • PLC (Non-SDN) List
    • SDN (Specially Designated Nationals) List
    • Terrorist Exclusion List
    • United Nations Consolidated List
    • Unauthorized Banking List
    • World Bank Debarred Parties

  • Lyons patriotAgent™ OFAC Web Service/API: Integrate OFAC Web Service/API into your application giving you streamlined access to SDN list, BIS list and Non-SDN list

Lyons OFAC Features:

  • Adjustable search tolerance
  • Date and time stamp for each search
  • Systematic updates ensure access to current information
  • No software installation required - access from any web browser
  • Batch scanning available

To get started, register for a free trial.

For details and pricing information please request more information.

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