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Bank Routing Number Verification
Accurate bank routing numbers, also known as bank ABA routing numbers, or routing transit numbers, are essential for ACH
processors, e-commerce developers,
and anyone involved with payment

iBankRegistry™ Online ABA Routing
Number Verification:

Browser-based access to up-to-date bank
routing number verification data.

iBankRegistry™ Bank Routing Number

Routing number database subscription
with FTP access to eliminate
ABA routing number errors.

iBankRegistry™ Routing Number
Verification Web Service/API:

Integrate routing number verification into
your application via SOAP web services/API.

Donít allow inaccurate, incomplete, or
missing bank routing number information to
cost you thousands of dollars every month.

Find out a routing number of a bank or a
bank by its routing number. Get Started >>

Bank Account Verification
Say "YES" to checks by using bank account verification. The Account verification service
uses a combination of real-time account verification & proprietary data to decrease returns by 50 or more percent.

iBankRegistry™ Online Bank Account Verification:
Real-time access to financial institution checking account information.

iBankRegistry™ Bank Account Verification Web Service/API:
SOAP web services designed to be easily implemented in your application

Free ABA Number Search
Lyons Commercial Data offers a free ABA routing number search service for one-time bank routing number lookup. Search any U.S. routing numbers with this free online ABA routing number search tool.

To find a financial institution by its routing number, enter a 9-digit routing number and receive financial institution name in return. No registration required. Try it now!!

Need help to locate bank routing number on a check?
The routing number (also referred to as RTN, routing transit number, ABA, or bank routing number) is a nine-digit numeric
code printed on the bottom of checks.
Learn More >>

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OFAC Compliance
Scans single names and files against
more than 20 government lists including:
OFAC, FBI Most Wanted, BIS, FinCEN,
and many more.

patriotAGENT™ Online OFAC
Compliance tool:

Designed to ensure compliance in
today's complex regulatory environment.

patriotAGENT™ OFAC Compliance
Web Services/API:

Search individuals against key government
watch list to support your internal
OFAC compliance requirement.

SSN Validation
Validate SSN quickly and easily for fast
decision making.

SSN-Key™ Online Portal:
Real-time access to social security
validation search results through your

SSN-Key™ Web Services/API:
Integrate SSN validation into your
application via SOAP web services.